Sugiyama Laboratory

Shungo Matsueda

Master student, 1st year

Room: 5C04

Mail: s-matsueda(at) (Replace (at) with @.)

Tel: 26876 (Add the last 4 digits to +81-3-5841.)

Short C.V.


Master candidate, The University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical System Engineering, The University of Tokyo


Kensaku Matsunami, Junu Kim, Kozue Okamura, Yusuke Ichida, Shungo Matsueda, Sara Badr, Hirokazu Sugiyama "Mathematical models for infectious diseases considering the impacts of mobility, therapeutic agents, and vaccines" Oral, Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ) 52nd Autumn Meeting, September 2021, Tsushima Campus, Okayama University, Okayama city, Okayama/Virtual meeting